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{decembrie 14, 2009}   Like a boomerang

An old Chinese proverb says that when you truly love someone, you let free. And if indeed he really loves you, will return to you. He will  don`t need freedom, because freedom isn`t  used to anything, as long as you are not with him. But love will be like a boomerang only when strong feelings and especially each other.


{noiembrie 8, 2009}   Eternity

Eternal is the sky blue, you look at him and reminds me of your eyes.

Eternal life is, by simple fact that everyone will die, will be offset by another that is born at the same time.

Eternal is because women are mothers, and therefore, before becoming mothers were friends and beloved.

Eternals are men because women will lose their head always their fault.

Eternal are waves, whose tumult always listened when the Danube penetrate my city.

Eternal is my love for you.

Eternal I want to be the thoughts, sometimes I write.

Eternal are all,

But  eternity it’s  thought later …eternity 1

{noiembrie 8, 2009}   Love knows no limits

I left my heart in the palms of fate, because love knows no reason, but I will not regret and never regret that I threw to heart, to love you … . Now my life, my destiny, my happiness hangs by a thread of fate, and cuddle you are at. Think about the power of a god, you can change a man, or you can destroy. I would change anything for your attention. I have the power to beautify a god, you, it will only need you. Maybe they are goddesses much better than me, but no one would give up everything for you, as I would give me a simple woman …love baht

{octombrie 28, 2009}   If only

You love her? yes, very much. Well, that’s all that matters. She will leave tomorrow, wants to go with her. And if she do not comes back? No longer ever see. You could live with that the thought? Not. Then you know what to do. Appreciate you and her. Just simply loves her.

{mai 29, 2009}   Nu îţi plânge de milă

„Nu am văzut nicio sălbăticiune care să-şi plângă de milă. O pasăre cade ]ngheţată de pe o creangă fără să-şi plângă de milă.” – G.I. Jane

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